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Renewed U.S. -Africa relations: Beyond AGOA, What Can Cameroon Gain?

Contextual Background Since the Covid-19 pandemic, several states have, in the majority, been forced to re-strategize their priorities to leverage on economic challenges further exacerbated...

The Ukraine-Russia War on Peace and Security Challenges in Africa

Introduction It is the responsibility of every nation-state to assure the security of its people and it is fundamental and constitutionally right to make...

U.S. Re-Ignites Relations With Africa: What Stakes?

Prior to the U.S.-Africa summit, relations were reportedly strained between both regions under the Trump-led era, (IV) further setting a complex precedence for the Biden-led administration.
US, Chinese and Russian Interests in Africa

Critical Highlights of the U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa in the Face of...

According to the U.S., there is a need to strengthen ties with sub-Saharan Africa in order to advance the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to create economic opportunities for both continents.
Cameroon Welcomes Emmanuel Macron: A Visit Amid Multidimensional Challenges

Cameroon Welcomes Emmanuel Macron: A Visit Amid Multidimensional Challenges

The press conference given by President Biya and President Macron gave an insight into the content of their one-on-one exchanges. Many points of convergence emerged on subjects relating to bilateral cooperation and international current affairs.
French Hegemony in Sub-Saharan Africa

Exiting French Hegemony in Sub-Saharan Africa The Strategy of “Brachiation”

On October 8, 2021, a France-Africa summit was held in Montpelier in an unprecedented format that brought about a renewal of discussions between the...
French Foreign Policy in Africa

France-Africa: When the “National Interest” reinvents French Foreign Policy in Africa

Introduction  From the official refusal to approve the coup d'état in Mali by suspending its joint military operations with Bamako on June 3, 2021, to...
france Afrique

How Far Can Emmanuel Macron Go In Redefining The “Fundamentals Of The African-French Relationship?”

Woven from a more or less painful colonial past, the African-French relationship has gone through several ages. Tumultuous with some states – Rwanda – and unknown for others – Portuguese-speaking Africa.

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Expanded BRICS and Geoeconomic Implications for Africa

The BRICS bloc of leading emerging economies made a major decision in expanding its reach and influence by announcing that six more countries —...

The Role of International Organizations in Promoting Democratic Governance in Central Africa

Introduction: Long criticized for their poor governance, African countries, particularly those in Central Africa, have embarked on far-reaching political and institutional reforms (1) . The...

Why Societies Must Decolonize: Critical Questions Surrounding Decolonization

Introduction Decolonization is a long and cumbersome process. In relation to Africa, decolonization has undergone many phases. Political decolonization peaked in the 1960s, with many...

Lessons Learned From COVID-19 on Improving Access to Healthcare Services in Africa

After three years of an unprecedented health crisis, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an end to the COVID-19 public health emergency of...

Enhancing Human Security and Strategic Peacebuilding for Sustainable Development in Africa

Introduction Throughout our journey since independence, Africa has faced a series of crises that have tragically escalated into conflicts. These conflicts have too often...

Five Challenges of Accessing Surgical Care in Rural Areas of Cameroon

Global surgery is an essential component of global health, as surgical care is an essential component of healthcare. Yet, surgical care remains inaccessible to...