Through high-level scholarly writing, design and photography, ON POLICY MAGAZINE focuses on presenting accurate, balanced and apolitical analysis that is insightful to the readers. Contributions cover issues related to governance, democracy, human rights, economic affairs, free trade, peace and security, rule of law, international relations, health, gender studies, sustainable development, migration, entrepreneurship, digital technologies, climate and biodiversity etc.

In submitting papers to the Magazine on (https://onpolicy.awardsplatform.com), the article’s title, author’s full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, educational qualification, organizational should be provided. The length of articles should range between 1,000– 1,200 words.

Proper sources and citations must be hyperlink. Tables and graphs are not allowed in the article. Part titles should not be preceded by numbering. It is not necessary to write “introduction” at the beginning or “conclusion” at the end of the paper.

Authors are strictly advised not to use jargon, region-specific, or technical terms in preparing the manuscript. Non-English or unfamiliar words should be translated/explained immediately after the word.

The editors reserve the right to edit and correct all articles while maintaining their original sense. In the event of many stylistic inconsistencies, the article may be returned to the author for further review and re-submission.

ON POLICY MAGAZINE editors shall endeavor to ensure that all facts and statements are true and that the contents are free of plagiarism. Authors should therefore carefully verify all facts and provide clear citations.  ON POLICY uses a double blind-review process to ensure objectivity at the highest level. After which the reviewed paper with editorial remarks will be sent to the author for revision Final decision on the publication of the revised paper rest with the Editor-in-Chief.

The opinions and views expressed by ON POLICY contributors and editors are their own and do not necessarily express the viewpoint or position of the Magazine or the Nkafu Policy Institute. As such, ON POLICY does not accept responsibility for views expressed in articles or other contributions in the magazine.

Ps: As On Policy Magazine has a global focus and a diverse audience, it is advisable that articles submitted for publication should appeal to a wide audience in their formulation.

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