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The Importance of Conflict Early Warning and Response Systems in Conflict Prevention in Africa

Operational early warning and response systems entail human expertise, unified political support and a specific technical platform degree. Stakeholders need proper education on indicators and response mechanisms

Gender Perspectives: The Role of Women in Ending the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

When the older male elites and chiefs are losing effective control over the heavily-armed young militia, Cameroonian women have the opportunity to intervene in peacebuilding. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, spouses, and sisters – and as those more often victimized

Cultivating Responsive Leadership for Sustainable Peace in Cameroon

To achieve some social, orderliness, cohesion, and development, there has always been the need for a leader.  Leadership is regarded as a desired social responsibility, for the supposition of which social competition occurs.

Combating Arms trafficking and smuggling in Central Africa – What Strategies?

How can we better control arms transfers? What strategies are needed today to limit the proliferation and illicit circulation of arms in the sub region?

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A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Is The First Step In Redressing Global Inequalities

The world is currently at crossroads, besieged by the economic and health fallout from COVID-19; the era of economic nationalism and populist trade policies appears...

Is Somaliland the Symbol of Democracy in the Horn of Africa?

Democratic principles and practices are inherent in a people, especially in people who are patriotic and have an urge for prosperity and posterity. It is from this spectrum...

The G-7 Takes a Global Stance on COVID-19 as Africa Watches

As the Group of Seven convened for its first summit since the pandemic began last year, climate action, COVID-19, and great power rivalry – or China’s rise – were on...
Presidential Term Limits In Africa

A Tug Of War Over Presidential Term Limits In Africa: A Wake-up Call For...

In the aftermath of the independence era in the 1960s, many African states were governed through dictatorial regimes until the dramatic change across the...

The Challenge Of Protecting Human Rights Against Unconstitutional Changes Of Government In Sub-saharian Africa

Since independence, Africa has faced instabilities in its political institutions. In total, no less than 204 coups d'état have taken place across the continent, particularly...

Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Sub-Saharan Africa: Breaking the Cycle?

This contribution focuses on issues surrounding unconstitutional changes of power in Africa and the implications for the continent’s peace, security, and stability. While military...