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Unconstitutional Changes of Power and Poverty in Guinea Conakry

The proper functioning of the defense and security forces and the legal system is fundamental in shaping a country’s future. These institutions are responsible...

Ethnicity, Alternation at the Top of the Rwandan State and Repercussions on East Africa’s...

National identity is a combination of ethnic identities in African states. The risk of conflagration is an established issue in studies of democracy in...

Is Covid-19 Exacerbating Nationalism While Promoting State Capitalism?

The pandemic has unveiled nation-states craving force for state capitalism and promoting nationalism that is, on the other hand, eroding neoliberal capitalism’s foundations. To what extent are these nationalistic tendencies expressed?

Youth and the Mantle of Leadership and Governance in Africa

Youth can improve the community and culture of society and ring new impetus in leadership. This youth has the urge, innovations, and dynamism to participate actively and meaningfully in

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Electoral Democracy in Capo Verde

Electoral Democracy in Africa: lessons from Malawi and Cabo Verde

As a result of Malawi's presidential election of June 23, 2020, opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera was declared the winner over incumbent President Peter Mutharika....
Migration Policy

Covid-19 and Franco-African Migration Policy

Sixty years after decolonization, France remains influential in its relations with Africa. Indeed, it has been able to maintain cooperation in French-speaking Africa and...
Military Coup in Burkina Faso

Understanding the Military Coup in Burkina Faso

After Chad, Mali and Guinea, Burkina Faso has now joined the list of countries hit by a military coup in the last two years...
French Foreign Policy in Africa

France-Africa: When the “National Interest” reinvents French Foreign Policy in Africa

Introduction  From the official refusal to approve the coup d'état in Mali by suspending its joint military operations with Bamako on June 3, 2021, to...
Russian forces in mali

Mali: Between the Withdrawal of French Forces and Russian Requests

Since the May 24, 2021, attack by Colonel Assimi Goïta against the first transitional president Bah N'Daou and his Prime Minister Moctar Ouane, the...
Urban Planning and Development

Urban Communities and City Governance in French Africa

Since the 2000s, Africa has experienced accelerated urban growth. Because of this growth, a diversity of public and private actors and institutions are involved...