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Is Somaliland the Symbol of Democracy in the Horn of Africa?

Democratic principles and practices are inherent in a people, especially in people who are patriotic and have an urge for prosperity and posterity. It is from this spectrum...

COVID-19 Vaccination: Challenges to a Mass Rollout in Africa

Introduction  The world has recorded over 2.9 million deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic one year ago and has left most parts of the...

African Migration To Europe During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Irregular migration is the movement of people on the margins or in violation of migration policies that are structurally organized by States. This analysis aims to take stock of African


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Conflict In Ethiopia: Where Do We Go From Here?

In the contemporary era, the great majority of the world’s political systems have undergone one form of internal warfare leading to the violent collapse...

Youth and the Mantle of Leadership and Governance in Africa

Youth can improve the community and culture of society and ring new impetus in leadership. This youth has the urge, innovations, and dynamism to participate actively and meaningfully in

Electoral Democracy and COVID-19 Prevention in Africa

Since December 2019, the world is battling against the Coronavirus pandemic which has continued to usher in wide-ranging ramifications in the functioning of human...

Youth Absenteeism in Africa’s Electoral Democracy

By Fabien Sundjo In contrast to monarchy, oligarchy, and timocracy, democracy possesses the distinguished character of being participative, as it recognizes the prominent role of all...

COVID-19: A Blessing to Africa’s Scientific and Technological Progress

By Tazoacha Francis The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation has been unique in Africa and is reshaping various aspects of African society. Though many see the...

Combating Arms trafficking and smuggling in Central Africa – What Strategies?

How can we better control arms transfers? What strategies are needed today to limit the proliferation and illicit circulation of arms in the sub region?

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Interview With Dr. Felicitas Atabong Mokom

Dr. Felicitas Atabong Mokom holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Windsor, Canada. Since 2015, she...