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Here’s why we Should Care About What Happens to the Euro

The Euro ranks second in the share of world GDP after the U.S., even as China is projected to overtake the Euro by 2023. At first glance, this might seem trivial as over 65% of global trade is invoiced in dollars.

The Huawei Fuss and Implications for Africa’s Cyber Security

Given several companies are stepping up their 5G capabilities, it might be time to design some best standards that do not allow backdoors across networks, whilst ensuring that Huawei can operate across Africa.

Oil Prices Bearing the Brunt of the Corona virus

The implications of the Corona virus (COVID-19) will be heterogeneous, but oil prices will likely be lower in the medium-term Oil prices have plummeted as...

Economic Freedom is Critical to Reducing Unemployment in Cameroon

The economic evolution of the nation Cameroon, which resulted from the merging between the formal British and French colonies since 1960 have been non-linear....

The Populists are Right – How the Franc CFA Impoverishes Africa

In the fall of 2011, and in the wake of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, panic soared in Franc-Afrique currency markets as widespread rumors of a possible...

Its Time to Rebase Cameroon’s GDP

By Lontum Edwin Nchadze  Initiated by Ghana in 2011, large-scale upward revisions of GDP estimates have been announced by several African countries in recent years. These...
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