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Coups D’état in the Central African Republic and Political Instability in Central Africa Sub-Region

For several years, the Central African Republic has been experiencing a succession of crises originally due to the tragic death of the late Pioneer President, Barthélémy Boganda, one year...

Internet and Political Contestation of Diasporas: Toward the Emergence of a new Democratic Debate...

The development of Internet sites has inevitably created a change in the relationship between the governors and the governed. Cameroonian citizens residing..

Constitutional “Sacrilege” in Africa: Mali Takes the Relay Baton?

Foreign countries and international organizations condemned this second coup de force by the military junta in Mali with unconcealed indignation.

Democratization And Political Advancement Of Women In Cameroon

An analysis of women’s representativeness shows that they are poorly represented in public institutions, despite the adoption by Cameroon of texts and institutions for women’s political advancement

MAHAMADOU ISSOUFOU, To The “Pantheon” Of Niger Democracy

Renouncing the charms and delights of supreme power is quite unprecedented in Africa, where many Heads of State are obsessed with the syndrome of “the presidency for life.”

What is the Record of Political Leadership 30 Years After Democratic Transitions in Africa?

It is hardly surprising that democratic transitions, significant moments in Africa’s history, have brought to light political leaders committed to the virtues of democracy. Thus, Nelson Mandela’s leadership resonates with strength and conviction on the continent.

Democratising The Democratisation Of Africa

The relationship between Africa and the West remains controversial when it comes to democracy. In international relations, developed countries seem to prefer Realpolitik and...

Electoral Democracy and COVID-19 Prevention in Africa

Since December 2019, the world is battling against the Coronavirus pandemic which has continued to usher in wide-ranging ramifications in the functioning of human...

Election Monitoring as a Tool for Democratic Governance

By Tazoacha Francis Meaningful democratic processes are indispensable ingredients for peace and sustainable development in every society. An example of such a democratic process is the...

Youth Absenteeism in Africa’s Electoral Democracy

By Fabien Sundjo In contrast to monarchy, oligarchy, and timocracy, democracy possesses the distinguished character of being participative, as it recognizes the prominent role of all...
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The military coup in Guinea

Are Sanctions an Effective Remedy for Guinea’s Recent Coup?

The military coup in Guinea stands in stark contrast to the AU charter, and while ECOWAS and the AU have refrained from imposing sanctions, there is the legal and moral justification for such an outcome.
Decentralization Process in Cameroon

The Challenge of the Decentralization Process in Cameroon

At the current stage of decentralization, the resurgence of ethicized identity and community tensions is a reality.

Reconciling the Imperatives of Security and the Defense of Democracy: What Is Possible?

Introduction Everyday violence is a concern for rulers and ruled across the world. Preventing violence regularly leads to interference in the democratic processes. Between...

Toward A Democratic Exception in the Context of Terrorism

Introduction The democratization process in sub-Saharan Africa has been plagued by multifaceted and complex challenges since the 1990s. Indeed, there is a great diversity of...

Democratic Shakiness and Security Crisis In the North-West and South-West Cameroon

Introduction Since October 2017, Cameroon’s Anglophone regions have been experiencing a chaotic security shift. The insecurity at work is the result of the domestic...

Assessing the Growing Impact of Extremism in Africa

The growing spread and disparaging significances of violent extremism are among the foremost challenges to peace and security faced in the world today. Violent...