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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Dr Louis-Marie Kakdeu

Louis-Marie KAKDEU is Director of Nkafu Fellows and a Policy Fellow in Economics affairs at the Nkafu Policy Institute of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation.

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G5 Sahel Summit: What Should We Learn From It?

In the span of a year, the G5 Sahel would have suffered deep tremors. Between the double coup d'État in Mali, the assassination of...

Anti-Terrorism Laws as a Threat to Civil Liberties In Africa

Introduction The wave of clamor and protest in Senegal over the adoption of the anti-terrorism law on June 25, 2021, has inevitably put the...
conversation with ABUNAW

COVID-19: Africa Road to recovery – Conversation with Ms. Gwendoline ABUNAW

TRANSCRIPT CONVERSATION BETWEEN Ms. Gwendoline ABUNAW, ECOBANK Cluster Head, CEMAC and Dr. Denis FORETIA, Co-Chair Denis & Lenora FORETIA Foundation Topic: COVID-19: Africa Road to recovery Dr. Denis: I...

A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Is The First Step In Redressing Global Inequalities

The world is currently at crossroads, besieged by the economic and health fallout from COVID-19; the era of economic nationalism and populist trade policies appears...

Is Somaliland the Symbol of Democracy in the Horn of Africa?

Democratic principles and practices are inherent in a people, especially in people who are patriotic and have an urge for prosperity and posterity. It is from this spectrum...

The G-7 Takes a Global Stance on COVID-19 as Africa Watches

As the Group of Seven convened for its first summit since the pandemic began last year, climate action, COVID-19, and great power rivalry – or China’s rise – were on...