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YOUMSSI Lionnel est titulaire d’un master en Droits de l’Homme et Action Humanitaire de l’Université Catholique d’Afrique Centrale et d’une licence en Droit et Administration publique de l’Université de Yaoundé II. Il fait également parti des jeunes ayant participer au cohorte 2020 du programme Young Emerging Leaders.

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Monetary Policy of the Bank of Central African States

The Consequences of Imported Inflation on the Effectiveness of the Monetary Policy of the...

Introduction The countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) are all small, open economies. As such, they can only have a...
Irregularity of Wages1

Irregularity of Wages and Company Performance

Introduction Work performance is the result of the organization of production and the coordination of the actions of the individuals involved (Williamson, 1993; Ménard, 1997...
African Union 20 years later

Conversation With Prof. Hajer Gueldich: African Union 20 Years Later

Transcript of the conversation between Pr. Hajer Gueldich and Dr. Steve Tametong - watch the entire conversation here Dr. Steve Tametong: Created by the Syrte...
Cyber-Obscenity in Cameroon

Virtual Space Regulation: Tested by ‘Cyber-Obscenity’ in Cameroon

Introduction The advent of digital has been accompanied by the renewal of the modalities of debate and social practices in Africa and around the world....

Russia’s Game of Influence in the Reconfiguration of Military Cooperation in the Central African...

Russia is today establishing itself as a privileged partner of the Central African Republic.
African Union Reform

African Union Reform in the Face of Military Coups in Africa

Since the adoption of its Constitutive Act in July of 2000, the African Union (AU) has made the rejection of military coups one of...